Actually Not in Kansas

Supercell over Nebraska

But rather in Nebraska. I hope the #365KW provided an opportunity to visit a few places out of your daily routine, or at least to …

Don’t Blow My Cover

Don't Blow My Cover

Seasonal trouble for super-secret spy mice. Source: Daily Squee

Rated G, 7

Parent and baby giraffe share a moment

Hi Mum. Thanks for all you did for me, even if back then I didn’t say anything. Source: Karen Pulfer Foch Via Squee Spree PS: …

Fire In The Sky, 3

Sunset in Cyprus

Sunset on the coast of Cyprus. I’m debating if the beauty is in the spectacular nature, or the absence of human elements. Source: hateom

Ready For Lift Off

Rocket Espresso cup

Absolutely perfect for those morning! Yeah, you know which sort of morning I’m talking about. Source: Isoheadral Via This Isn’t Happiness

Bestest Friends, 3

Man and dog, looking in the same direction with a worried look

Oh I know I’ll suffer dire consequences for sharing this one… For the records: it is not auto-biographical in any way. Source: I Can Has …

Knight Rising

Image inspired by "The Dark Knight Rises" movie

My thoughts and prayers with the victims of the massacre that took place in Aurora, Colorado overnight, at one of the theater showing the movie …

Night Bull

Photo-composition of the Lamborghini Ankonian concept and the F-117 Nighthawk airplane

This (the car) is an amazing concept designed by Slavche (as his first school project!), based on the Lamborghini Reventón. This (the airplane) is the …

Be On Fire

Album cover for Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" (1975)

But one example of the work from the Hipgnosis group. See the source for more inspiring covers, and the Wikipedia entry for a history of …

Hear Me, 2

Ink sketch of a tiger growling

Tiger or panther: make your call. Either way, I’m not messing with it. Source: Society 6 Via Ghost In The Machine Via A Creative Universe